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About Lindbergh

Lindbergh Lindbergh's high industrial clothing brand creates selected products with a story behind them and wants to convey those stories to its customers, the brand creates clothing and accessories for today's informed men, making them look good. They create clothing for men who are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving, and finding something cool that fits into their lives.

Lindbergh provides different styles of clothing, the main reason why the brand is represented by three labels: The Black, The Blue & The White Label.

The black label is the preppy and classic formal collection of Lindbergh. A label containing all garment groups where the most essentials ones are shirts, suit, jackets and knits. The label also contains a broad range of accessories to include socks, shoes & scarfs.

The blue label is the rugged and casual collection of Lindbergh. The look is signified by the inspiration of Americana – sporty and army clothing – combined with a vintage denim identity, designed with the highest industrial quality available with key emphasis on the working man.

The white label is the fashion formal collection of Lindberg, with a look that reflects simplicity and coolness. The most dominating garment groups are shirts, suits, jackets and knits